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South Asian Studies Community

South Asian Studies
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the LJ community for South Asian Studies. This community is open to anyone academically (or personally) interested in South Asia, in any discipline (religion, politics, history, culture, ancient texts, languages, etc).

map of south asia

There are various opinions as to what "South Asia" includes, which changes over time and with personal belief. For the sake of this community, we will be very open on this, but if your questions/comments pertain wholly to East Asia (China, Japan, Korea) or the Middle East, there may be better areas in which to post those.

Our definition includes: India, Sri Lanka, Bangledesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Please feel free to post any objections to this, of course!

Community Rules:
1. Intro posts are fine -- encouraged, even -- but not required.
2. Debate is good, personal attacks aren't.
3. Respect each other and the community.
4. "New Community" posts are okay, but must be South Asia related.